NUR AFNI NOFIVASARI, (2012) TEACHING ENGLISH BY USING ROLE PLAY AT ONE OF JUNIOR HIGH SCHOOL IN CIREBON (A Case Study for Speaking English Competence). Bachelor thesis, IAIN Syekh Nurjati Cirebon.

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NUR AFNI NOFIVASARI: Teaching English by Using Role Play at One of Junior High School in Cirebon (A Case Study for Speaking Competence) In learning English the most learners get many difficulties, especially in speaking aspect. Without any exceptation the second grade learners of SMP Veteran Cirebon. They confused to express their idea through speaking. They didn‟t know what they should say. In this problem is needed the teacher‟s role. This research has purpose to know the Teaching English by Using Role Play at SMP Veteran Cirebon. This research based on Savignon‟s theory (2007:26) if the world can be thought of as a stage, with actors and actresses who play their parts to the best of their ability, theater may be seen as an opportunity to experiment with roles, to try things out. Blatner (2009) defined Role playing, a derivative of a sociodrama, is a method for exploring the issues involved in complex social situations. According to Yorkey, speaking skill is a skill and like other skill, it must be practiced continuously. Leo Jones (2007:2) a student-centered classroom is a place where we consider the needs of the students, as a group and as individuals, and encourage them to participate in the learning process all the time. The teacher‟s role is more that of a facilitator. In this research the writer uses qualitative research and type of the research is case study. Schreiber and Asner-Self (2011:11) Qualitative researchers tend to study things in their natural setting, attempting to make sense of or interpret phenomena in terms of the meaning people bring to them. They defined case study is a systematic collection of information about a person, group, or community; social setting; or event in order to gain insight into its functioning. A case is bounded in time and place. The technique of analysis data that used in this data descriptive analyze because the object of this research is documentation. So the writer conducts four steps to analyze the data: 1) Reading, 2) Reducing, 3) Classifying, 4) Analyzing. This research is done in SMP Veteran Cirebon at Pemuda street no.33 Kesambi, Cirebon. From the research which is done by the researcher get the result: there are 22 (68.75%) learners get increasing in their speaking score, the average of increasing is 6.5. 8 (25%) learners stay at their scores and two learners (6.25%) were absent. From the final research, the writer concludes the powerful technique of role play takes the fact that kids love to imitate adults and transforms it into a unique teaching method. Through role playing, the learners will get some new vocabularies from the script and they will learn about difficult or sensitive subjects. That can make the learner increase their ability in speaking competence.

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