Septiyani Munfiqoh, (2012) THE SEMANTIC ANALYSIS OF THE ADVERTISEMENT “ENGLISH SLOGAN” ON TELEVISION. Bachelor thesis, IAIN Syekh Nurjati Cirebon.

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Septiyani Munfiqoh, 2012: THE SEMANTIC ANALYSIS OF THE ADVERTISEMENT “ENGLISH SLOGAN” ON TELEVISION Language is characteristic of idea, mind, feeling people to express, communicate and interact with other. Language is the capacities human to produce sound in certain meaning to understand by others. And to avoid misunderstanding when the human communicated each other they should be known the meaning. Good communicators, though, try to keep the gap as small as possible by making sure their words have obvious referents. The referent is the thing words stand for. If the audience has a clear notion of a word’s referent, then communication should succeed. One of languages in the world is English. English is used in many parts, one of them for advertisement. We can see there are many advertisements on Television used the English Slogan. In advertisement there is message, and advertising message would be simple, interesting, informative, entertaining, enjoyable and helpful. It has aimed to give understanding to the audience in order to buy the product. We can study semantic analysis especially the ways to know the meaning of English Slogan. The aims of this research are to know and to understand the semantic analysis of the advertisement “English Slogan” on Television. Because there are many people haven’t understood the meaning of advertisement “English Slogan”. Whereas, through the advertisement “English Slogan” we can learn English and to rich our vocabulary. it is interested method to learn English. In collecting data the writer takes some advertisement “English Slogan” on Television to analyze in semantic aspect like lexical meaning and grammatical meaning. Firstly she analyze by lexical meaning, it is describe by dictionary. By dictionary can describe the words meaning itself and lexical relation such as hyponym, polysemy, synonym, antonym and etc. Secondly she analyze by grammatical forming. It will be described by morphology and part of speech. From this thesis actually we get new vocabularies building and enrich the knowledge in using the words. And for the people they can find there are many ways to know the meaning of the advertisement “English Slogan” on Television by semantic aspect. It is important to know the meaning based on the context so the people can understand what the slogan said and the message can catch by them.

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