Rohayati, (2013) FIGURATIVE LANGUAGE OF “WHERE WE ARE ALBUM” BY WESTLIFE. Bachelor thesis, IAIN Syekh Nurjati Cirebon.


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Rohayati : FIGURATIVE LANGUAGE OF “WHERE WE ARE ALBUM” BY WESTLIFE Literature is the expression of feeling, passion, and emotion caused by a sensation of the interestingness of life. It grows from the imaginative mind of the writer. Literature is writing value as works of art such as novel, poems or song, etc. literature represents the people’s life style, ideas, thought, and emotion. Song is one of the products of literature (poem). Song made from the result of writer imaginary and experience. In the lyric of song, the author usually makes figurative language. Figurative language is a set of literary devices that authors use to bring the reader into the writing. The literary devices use language in such a way that what is being said is different from the actual literal meaning of the words. Figurative language helps the reader to get a clearer picture of what’s happening, and they can also be used to convince the reader of something, or they can be used to simply entertain the reader. In this thesis, the writer tries to explore the historical Westlife and the language style is used in Westlife’s songs by using theoretical foundation to make strong the research. The field in this research is literature. The writer uses qualitative research and content analysis on her research and she also uses library research to collecting the data. This research is figurative language analysis in Westlife’s song of “Where We Are Album” released in 2009. Where We Are is the ninth studio album and tenth album overall by the Irish boyband Westlife. It was released on 27 November 2009 in Ireland and 30 November 2009 in the UK through Syco Music, RCA Records and Sony Music. The writer chose Westlife’s song in her research because it’s know that Westlife is boyband has been popular in worldwide and Westlife had sold over 45 million records worldwide which includes studio albums, singles, video release, and compilation albums. In the songs, the writer found some kinds of figurative language such as personification, hyperbole, simile, tautology, synecdoche, alliteration, etc. From the research which is done, the writer concludes that in the Westlife’s album entitled “Where We Are” is many containing figurative languages and commonly in Westlife’s songs use figurative language of hyperbole and personification. The writer hopes the thesis gives inspiration for all to increase their creativity to make good song with figurative languages. Contraction, criticism, and suggestion are expected for the improvement this thesis.

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