THE ERROR ANALYSIS OF THE STUDENTS’ TEST RESULT ON PERSONAL PRONOUN (A Case Study in Seventh Year Students of SMP Pesantren Ciwaringin)

ZAENAL MUTTAQIEN, (2013) THE ERROR ANALYSIS OF THE STUDENTS’ TEST RESULT ON PERSONAL PRONOUN (A Case Study in Seventh Year Students of SMP Pesantren Ciwaringin). Bachelor thesis, IAIN Syekh Nurjati Cirebon.

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ZAENAL MUTTAQIEN : English is very important for the people in the world. It is used in many countries and has became an international language. As a second language, English is felt very difficult for some Indonesian people. English has four skills that are listening, speaking, reading and writing. Inside the skills, there are some material that should be learned, such as grammar. There are many students‘, especially seventh year students, still confuse in using Personal Pronoun. They still make error in applying Personal Pronoun. It is mostly caused by the so far differentiation between English and Indonesian especially in Personal Pronoun. Because they always use Indonesian grammar everytime, so they usually confuse if must use English Personal Pronoun. The writer was interested in analyzing the students‘ comprehension in using personal pronoun. Because personal pronoun is a basic skill in English grammar. If students are not able to apply personal pronoun correctly, they will not mastery and use English correctly. The purpose of the research is to find out the students‘ achievement in learning personal pronoun, to know students‘ achievement in applying personal pronoun, and to know students‘ error in applying personal pronoun at seventh year students of SMP Pesantren Ciwaringin Kabupaten Cirebon. The writer uses library research to collect the qualitative data and the field research to find out the quantitative data by using the test as the technique. He computes the data by using the formula of ‗Percentage‘. The population of the research is all of the seventh year students at SMP Pesantren Ciwaringin Kabupaten Cirebon. The students who become population consist of 160 students consisting of 4 classes, every class consist of 40 students. In this research the writer takes VII A class of the students who become respondents as sample consist of 40 students. The result shows that the seventh year students of SMP Pesantren Ciwaringin Kabupaten Cirebon still make errors in applying personal pronoun. It is proven by the highest frequency of errors up to 35.62%. The highest frequency of errors is in Possessive Pronoun. The second is Reflexive that has 31.25% frequency of errors. The next level is Objective Pronoun with frequency 29.37% and the fourth is Possessive Adjective with the frequency of errors up to 23.12%. And the last is Subjective Pronoun with frequency of error 18.75%. It is clear that the students are still not mastery the personal pronoun perfectly. The students‘ errors are mostly caused by over corrected, loosing use of it as a subject, cannot differentiate between subject pronoun and object pronoun, an unnecessary personal pronoun at a noun subject, etc. There are many factors that caused the students still make error in implementing the personal pronoun material; the facility of student learning, method of teaching, and students themselves or their motivations.

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