Unun Nurhasanah, (2016) THE ANALYSIS OF SCHEMATIC STRUCTURE MOVES IN JOURNAL OF EDUCATION. Bachelor thesis, IAIN Syekh Nurjati Cirebon.


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Unun Nurhasanah (14121320240): “The Analysis of Schematic Structure Moves in Journal of Education” This study presents the analysis of schematic structure moves in journal of education. This sudy also reveals the types of schematic structure moves of the jouurnal. The schematic structure was explored the move pattern is called by moves structure. As cited Martin and Rothey (1986) in Paltridge (1999) the analysis of the schematic structure (or generic) structure of text involves the identification of the discourse structure of a text. Furthermore, moves are functional in character and often have some correlation, though not always one to one, with linguistic realizations (Hewing, 2001: 86). In this case to analyze the form of schematic structure that usually exists in some academic text such as: in thesis (introduction, discussion, and conclusion), journal (abstract, discussion, and conclusion), and book (book preface, discussion, and conclusion). There are two aims that contains in this research. First aims to describe the types of schematic structure moves are commonly used in the journal. It means that researcher aims to analyze the types of schematic structure that used in the journal. Furtheremore, the second aims is to describe how the way schematic structure moves in journal the communicative purposes of text. It will describe how the communicative purposes construct in the journal. This study uses qualitative method. It focuses to use descriptive qualitative research. Ary, et al (2010: 457) argues that content or document analysis is a research method applied to written or visual materials for the purpose of identifying specified characteristics of the material. Morever the study is conducted taken from some selected journal entitle “Screen reading habits among university students: Tim Van denhoek University of Limerick, Ireland. The data is taken by document analysis or content analysis as the technique of collecting data. The result of the research show that: (1) The types of schematic structure moves are commonly used in the journal consists of seven moves that exist in the journal, there are Move 1: Background information, Move 2: Reporting results Move 3: Summarizing results, Move 4: Commenting on results, Move 5: Summarizing the study, Move 6: Evaluating the study, Move 7: Deductions from the research. (2) The communicative purposes of text in every sentences or paragraph is different. It means that the moves in journal can construct the communicative purposes of text such as to describe a background information of the study for the readers. In every move includes some main statements such as the study’s research methodology. Keywords: Discourse analysis, Schematic structure, Move.

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