Alfat Prastowo., (2016) THE CONVERSATION ANALYSIS OF JON STEWART IN THE AXE FILES. Bachelor thesis, IAIN Syekh Nurjati Cirebon.


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Alfat Prastowo. 14121330382. The Conversation Analysis of Jon Stewart in The Axe Files. Conversation as human behaviour happens when there are two or more participants who are discussing something. In the conversation process, the human give a message to someone by an utterance where is in each utterance have meaning. The conversation can run well by turn-taking system and turn-taking strategy. Turn-taking system and turn-taking strategy are systems to regulate conversation process betwen speaker one to another speaker. This research is about turn-taking in talk show program “Live Taping of The Axe Files with Jon Stewart” hosted by David Axelrod on 09 May 2016 in University of Chicago Institute of Politics. There are two research questions in this research, first is how does turn-taking system betwen jon Stewart and David Axelrod in conversation, second is how does turn-taking strategy constructed by Jon Stewart and David Axelrod in conversation. The technique that is used by the researcher is document or content analysis. The researcher used the qualitative approach as a method of this research. There are several steps to analyze data which is adopted from lodico et al (2006:301). The researcher found turn-taking system was organized well because the system arrange with turn constructional components (TCC/TCU) and turn allocational component (TAC). Where is turn allocational component (TAC) become dominant in this reseach because in interview talk, the host has obligate to questioning and sometime the guest self select to ask back. Meanwhile, The turntaking strategy in conversation betwen Jon Stewart and David Axelrod was constructed very well. Their turn-taking strategy constructed by the overlap and backchannel are dominan then Interruption. There is interruption but a little and not competing each other, so the talk show can run well. Keywords: Conversation Analysis, Turn-taking Systems,Turn-taking Strategies.

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