Jalilah Nurfajri, (2015) AN ANALYSIS OF “LISTENING EXTRA TEXTBOOK” FOR TEACHING EFL LISTENING. Bachelor thesis, IAIN Syekh Nurjati Cirebon.

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Jalilah Nurfajri 14111310034. An analysis of “Listening Extra textbook” for teaching EFL listening The books used by the teachers are variety while they do not recognize briefly the quality, suitability or sufficiency of the books they use. Especially to someone or the teacher who teach listening in the first time. From these problems, the researcher tries to answer this research, the researcher determine the instrument to evaluating of the textbook, and the next examine a foreign course book published by a great well-know publisher, Cambridge University. That used in largely by many listening lecturer for teaching EFL listening to know how the criteria of the books, its contents, specific purposed learning targets and its sufficiency as a listening course for the students learning. This research aims at finding out the level of micro and macro skill purposed in each tasks of the each unit in Listening Extra and need to know the sufficiency of “Listening Extra (Craven, M. 2004 Listening Extra Cambridge University)”as published material for teaching EFL’ listening. Study of document becomes the technique of this research. This research also takes a qualitative method in analyzing data where the data is taken from book and the evaluators as a secondary data source to be analyzed in this research. There are some steps to analyze the data. The researcher is determining the instrument of evaluating of the course book, requesting the experts’ opinion about the result of analysis in evaluating the contents course book, then analyze the data, recalling them to the theories. The research has found some aspects for the sufficiency in teaching listening comprehension to EFL learners, the importance of diverging tasks in listening activities, guidance for designing learning objectives, and the importance of knowing the purposes of a listening task. Diverging tasks in listening activities is important in teaching listening. The purpose of the listening, together with the micro- and macroskills of listening comprehension help teachers to determine what tasks should be given to the students in listening classes. Different tasks should be given to aim at different purposes The sufficiency of the content of Listening Extra for teaching EFL listening according to the experts’ opinion showed that the contents contained in listening extra have a great sufficiency for EFL Listening, if looked from the assessing aspects, General Appearance, Objectives, Topic Content, Language Content, Social and Cultural Context, Language Skills, Teachable, and Flexibility are Sufficient, but Design and Illustration, Multimedia Content,Testing or Practice are somewhat sufficient for teaching EFL listening. Key words: the targeted of Macro and micro skills, Teaching EFL listening, Listening Extra

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