YANI AMAYANTI, (2015) THE PORTRAIT OF PRE-SERVICE ENGLISH TEACHER COMPETENCE &PERFORMANCE : A Case Study at IAIN SyekhNurjati Cirebon. Bachelor thesis, IAIN Syekh Nurjati Cirebon.


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YANI AMAYANTI :THE PORTRAIT OF PRE-SERVICE ENGLISH TEACHER COMPETENCE & PERFORMANCE : A Case Study at IAIN SyekhNurjati Cirebon As the trend of learning English is getting popular, many schools in Indonesia provide the subject to be taught to their students.Brown (2001) asserts that competence and performance are two important factors EFL teachers need to conduct successful classroom instructions. A competent teacher facilitates learning well, while good performance is essential to model students to learn. There are teacher training’ difficulties in understanding nature of competence. So, the writer introduced the teacher must be have 4 competence, namely pedagogic competence, personality competence, social competence, professional competence. The writer have two candidates pre-service teacher or teachers training from IAIN SyekhNurjati Cirebon as object of the research. A teacher whose background is English education, more specifically EFL, has likely to be more competent and perform better. Consequently, this grim portrait of the existing EFL teachers urges the need of standard for teachers in order to provide qualified teachers. At least, there should be more training and workshops to enable the existing teachers perform and understand better about English to young learners. The aims of this research are: To find out the concept of English learning process based on lesson plan, to find out the process of learning English in location pre-service teacher practice, to find out the implementation by the pre-service teacher. This research applied a qualitative method. The writer used qualitative method in order to have better understanding about the topic of the research. Qualitative has been chosen for this research regarding the nature of qualitative to get an in depth opinion from participants. The result of this thesis, Teachingand learning has traditionally focused on the ‘LKS books’ with an implicit hope that students will develop the skills and attitudes to enable them to make informed decisions about environmental issues. The location pre-service teacher practice in SMKN 2 Cirebon,the pre-service teacher used GTM when English learning process , where the students spend more time learning inside the classroom, they learned directly about the objects the lesson, they can see, touch and feel the objects directly. Second, of all aspects of the existing vocabulary, this study only discussed the translation. It was an aspect which learned by students in the learning materials (theme: procedure text).The teacher was occasionally used for walk-and-talks, where students supported by the teacher discussed dilemmas or chapters in the textbook before an assignment. Keywords: pre-service teachers, teacher training, success

Item Type: Thesis (Bachelor)
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