Developing laboratory skill assessment based on multiple competence for prospective biology teacher

Djohar Maknun, DM (2018) Developing laboratory skill assessment based on multiple competence for prospective biology teacher. International Conference on Mathematics and Science Education (ICMScE 2018).

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Practicum activity in the laboratory is one part that cannot be separated from biology learning. Prospective teachers are expected to demonstrate mastery of the four dimensions of multiple competencies, namely task skills, contingency management skills, task management skills, and role or job environment skills. This study aims to develop an assessment to assess the prospective biology teacher’s skills and to determine the effectiveness of a comprehensive assessment integrated with the curriculum. This research uses Research and Development method. Research subjects were 40 prospective teachers who were carrying out teaching practice. Data collection technique used was tests, observations and questionnaires. Techniques of data analysis we used were descriptive quantitative analysis and T test. The results of research indicated that practicum activity that had been done could improve the laboratory skill based on multiple competences. The effectiveness of the assessment used to assess student’s laboratory skills is quite high. The developed assessment can detail and comprehensively assess laboratory skills based on clear work indicator criteria. The conclusions of the research results show that the assessment of multi competence-based laboratory skills developed is valid, reliable, and effective to be used to assess the laboratory skills of prospective biology teachers.

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