Integrasi Perspektif Psikologi dan Islam dalam Memahami Kepribadian Perempuan & Laki-laki

Eti Nurhayati, (2016) Integrasi Perspektif Psikologi dan Islam dalam Memahami Kepribadian Perempuan & Laki-laki. Peer Review Prosiding.

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Personality is too complex when viewed by the single perspective. There are more aspects and elements about the hidden personality of a person, so it is not easy to understand the personality of a person if it is only based on the attitudes and behaviors that may appear, even the individuals concetned are also unaware or hardly to describe of his personality completely and thoroughly. A person tends to act consistently over time, despite an extrovert at times can act introvert, and viceversa. Varied cultural background, life time, history, experiences, population, and individual cases,should be considered in the study of personality. By population, some women would have the qualityof personality which is owned by the other women, but every women has a personality that is unique and different from the other, even from the same cultural environment or the same lineage. The feminity and masculinity has not been fully revealed and it is an exciting area of the study and must continually strive to integrate with a variet perspectives and controlled by empirical data. This paper is and writer's effort and stimulant for the reader in understanding the masculinity and feminity by intergrating perspective of Psychology and Islam

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