Inclusive Da'wah Methods in the Milineal Era

Hajam, (2018) Inclusive Da'wah Methods in the Milineal Era. In: Batusangkar International Conference III. IAIN Batusangkar, Batusangkar, pp. 121-130. ISBN 978-602-329-074-1


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Da'wah with an inclusive method in the current milineal context needs to be done considering that Indonesian society is very plural and the problem situation is far different from the past. This is the importance for the sake of Islam itself so that Islam is no longer preached single. More than that so that Islam still exists in accordance with the statement of the Prophet Muhammad: "al-Isla> m Yu'la> wa La> Yu'la> 'Alaihi" (Islam is a high religion and cannot be exalted by others) and according with jargon al-Isla>m S}alih li Kulli Zama> n wa al-Maka>n (Islam is good in all dimensions and places). Da'wah with an inclusive approach certainly necessitates the existence of a new methodology which contains multi approaches so that da'wah can be observed by all components of society and does not lose its relevance. Da'wah with various approaches so that Islam can be comprehensively understood and Islam becomes increasingly rich in meaning. Islam is preached singly as well as narrowing the scope of Islam itself. The use of preaching by the inclusive method in the future is very much expected by missionaries and preachers because this inclusive da'wah model is still rarely carried out even though the propaganda of this model contains messages of religious dialectics (Jida>l H}asanah) so that da'wah is not exclusive.

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