Confronting Subtle Sexism in an Indonesian EFL TEXBOOK

Ana Humardhiana, and Yayah Nurhidayah, (2020) Confronting Subtle Sexism in an Indonesian EFL TEXBOOK. ELT-Echo, 5 (2). ISSN 2579-8170

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Sexism, an ideology of which practices partake in demeaning or ignoring females or males or stereotyping either sex, can be dimmed to some extent. This type of sexism is called subtle sexism. In Indonesia, subtle sexism can be found in EFL textbooks. It is 'softly' hidden on the pages and readers – students in this case – are not aware that they are being indoctrinated. This study examined an Indonesian EFL textbook entitled Bahasa Inggris Kelas XII for the twelfth graders in Indonesia, which was published by the Ministry of Education and Culture. By implementing content analysis, a method typically used to examine the content of a textbook, this research has two objectives, i.e. (1) to find out whether the book promotes subtle sexism, and (2) how teachers, as the last filters, can confront subtle sexism in the book and other EFL textbooks in general. The results show that even though the textbook does not reflect any signs of blatant and covert sexism, it still promotes subtle sexism that the writers might not aware of. Also, this study tries to propose some suggestions for teachers to confront subtle sexism in EFL textbooks, such as using a gender bias checklist, making changes or creating new original materials, fostering a critical class discussion by using the sexist textbooks, and teaching gender-fair language.

Item Type: Article
Uncontrolled Keywords: sexism, subtle sexism, EFL textbooks, gender-fair language, gender equality
Divisions: Fakultas Ushuluddin Adab dan Dakwah > Komunikasi dan Penyiaran Islam
Depositing User: H. Tohirin S.Ag
Date Deposited: 22 Feb 2021 00:40
Last Modified: 22 Feb 2021 00:40

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