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Widia Atmaja. 14111320134. ExploringEntailments in EFL Learners’ Writing: A Semantics Perspective. In the educational world, writing proficiency becomes measurement for the learner’s knowledge.When the writer or student tries to restate in their own word they need to learn about paraphrasing. A sentence which expresses the same proposition as another sentence is a paraphrase of that sentence (assuming the same referents for any referring expressions involved). Paraphrase is to sentences (on individual interpretations) as synonymy is to predicates (though some semanticists talk loosely of synonymy in the case of sentences as well. On the other hand paraphrasing has a tight relation with entailments in semantics field. That is, two sentences may be said to be paraphrases of each other if and only if they have exactly the same set of entailments; or, which comes to the same thing, if and only if they mutually entail each other so that whenever one is true the other must also be true. The researcher found some students fail when do paraphrasing. The aims of this reseach is to know how the EFL learners use entailments in their writing and criteria that shows the extent quality of entailments complies with a good paraphrase with semantics perspective. Technique and data collection procedure conducted by elicitation. This reasearch will used Survey Based Research. The researcher follows the step of collecting data research of Susan M. Gass and Alison Mackey.Data collection is by using questionnaire and interview. The questionnaire was gave to the 20 high achiever learners in writing class. This research was in the sentence level. The total questions of questionnaire are 10 sentences and the learner asked to paraphrase the sentences. 10 respondents also interviewed. The result of this analysis shows that there are different strategy in learners paraphrasing writing. Those eight strategies are available on Open Journal of Modern Linguistics compiled by Villa, Marti, & Rodriguez, Paraphrase Grammar bySmaby, R., and An Introduction to English Semantics and Pragmatics by Pattrick Griffiths. The types of paraphrasing strategy are Change of Order, Additional/ Deletation, Synonym Substitution, Passive Transformation, Direct/ Indirect Style Alternation, Complementary, Derivational Substitution, Hyponym Hierarchy Substitution, and Change of Format. In total 200 target sentences from 20 respondents were taken from questionnaire, 58 sentences used Change of Order, 35 sentences were paraphrased with Additional/ Deletation, 30 sentences used Synonym Substitution, 17 sentences used Passive Transformation, 5 sentences used Direct/Indirect Style Alternation, 3 sentences used Complementary Substitution, 1 sentences used Derivational Change, 2 sentences used Hyponym ix Hierarchy Substitution, and 1 sentences used Change of Format and the other target sentences (49 sentences) are includes in not a paraphrase classification.There are four criterias that shows the extent quality of entailment complies with a good paraphrase by respondents, they are accuratecomplete, written in their own voice, and make a sense in theirparaphrasing. On the researcher research, in total 200 sentences from 20 respondents were taken from the questionnaire. 151 sentences counted as good paraphrases and 49 sentences counted as not paraphrases. In total 20 respondents, 4 respondents answered the questionnaire and all of the sentences were included in a good paraphrase criterion. They are R. 4, R. 6, R. 8, and R. 12.16 others have a not a good criteria and good paraphrase criteria. On the other hands, 16 others included into a respondent that still found not a good paraphrase criteria on their paraphrases, they are R. 1, R. 2, R. 3, R. 5, R. 7, R. 9, R. 10, R. 11, R. 13, R. 14,R. 15, R. 16, R. 17, R. 18, R. 19 and R. 20 Key words: Entailments, Paraphrase, Writing Strategy, EFL Learners

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