Mengoptimalkan Potensi Anak Usia Dini dalam Internalisasi Nilai-Nilai Agama

Eti Nurhayati, (2017) Mengoptimalkan Potensi Anak Usia Dini dalam Internalisasi Nilai-Nilai Agama. Peer Review Prosiding.

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Every child has their own some potentials. These potentials need to be assisted to optimize its development by the parents or the adults around them. Some potential of the early children that need to be developed and related to the internalize of religious values, there are: the potential of the brain, motivation, attention, memory, and cognition. To optimize these potentials, there are several factors to consider. Factor in the potential of the brain: heredity and environment. Factor in motivation: novelty, trust, play, and socialize. Factor in attention: self-regulation, self-control, and movement. Factor in memory: working memory, schemes and stories, mnemonic, knowledge known and according to their interests, and memorize. Factor in cognition: implicit learning, imitation, emotional engagement, metacognition, articulation, and collaboration. To optimize the potential of early childhood in the internalizeof religious values can use several methods: implicit learning, modeling, habituation good, exercise, games, singing, story telling, analogies, introduction of concept, memorization, persuasion, praise, visualization, direct experience, and verbal instruction

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