Samratulangi, (2012) THE USE OF IDOL PICTURES IN TEACHING WRITING. Bachelor thesis, IAIN Syekh Nurjati Cirebon.

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Samratulangi, 2012 : THE USE OF IDOL PICTURES IN TEACHING WRITING. Idol picture is language teaching aids that can make the students enjoy writing. They, have ideas to write. They, can describe what they see and know. They, can also include their opinions about the picture in their composition. That’s why the researcher wants to find out whether the individual pictures can help the students write the descrivtive text. He has two statment of the problem. They are ‘How is the coherence of the students’ descriptive compositions which were writen using the individual pictures?’ and how is the unity of the students’ descriptive composititons which were writen idol picture?’ This thesis focused to writing theory and descriptive text there are many theory about writing and descriptive there are two categories post writing and writing a good paragraph and for descriptive text there are two also : identification and description, Wardiman (2008:16) states a descriptive text is a text that describes the feature of someone,something or a certain place. After the researcher collecting data by using observation data ,test and interview just know the researcher getting a lot of data. The data consist become two classification Qualitative and quantitative data. The data are the numbers going to describe a number of authors describe an event or study. Further qualitative data that will be used to analyze the success rate of students write a descriptive manner hereinafter: criteria for student success in using idol picture and use the standard criteria . Next, the subject of this thesis was the ten grade students in SMAN 9 Cirebon class X in academic 2012-2013. The research design used in this thesis was desciptive qualitative. The researcher was as the observer. He analyzed the students’ comosition. This research was conducted in three meetings. How is the coherence of students’ descriptive compositions? the coherence is the student can get inspiration if use idol picture make students easy to arrange sentence or paragraph. How is the unity of students’ descriptive composition? The students more instruction if there is picture especialy idol picture. After conducting the research related to implementation of idol picture in teaching writing descriptive text to the ten grade of senior high school,it seems that idol pictures are good material in teaching writing, it could help the students to compose descriptive text. It also led them to present their ideas. They knew what they were going to write.

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